Pet Dog Self Heating Pads


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Warm and Cosy Pet Pads for Bigger Dogs: Not only is our cosy calming pet blanket wonderfully fluffy but it can insulate your pets against the cold. It has a layer that triggers natural body heat to create a warmer sleep surface for pets to snuggle up.

Non-Slip Base & Water Repellent: Our thermal dog blankets are coated with nonslip nubs at the back, keeping your pets safe and soundly in place. Our water-repellant beds can also protect your furry little friends from wet grounds or surfaces.

Machine Washable: Is your pet playing around again and dirtying its bed pad with snacks, mud or fur? No problem. Our soft dog beds are incredibly easy to wash, as you can simply pop them onto the washing machine.

Ideal for the Car: Our easily portable cosy dog blankets are great for camping with a man's best friend or if you simply want to bring them out for a drive. It has a soft base which makes it comfortable for your pet during long or short drives.

EASY CARE: Pets can be pretty messy and make you face some unique cleaning challenges, which is why this washable dog bed is designed with a material that is completely machine washable for your convenience.


  • type: pet mat
  • feature 02: Cat Bed
  • feature 01: Dog Bed Self Heating pad
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Other
  • Item Type: Bed Blankets

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